KLS Aesthetics Is Excited To Bring Hair Restoration Services To Our Renton Clinic!

At KLS Aesthetics, we take pride in offering the industry’s most innovative treatments for women and men. Recently, we’ve added PRP Hair Restoration Services, and with more than 80 million Americans dealing with the challenge of the thinning and loss of hair, we’re excited about this nonsurgical hair restoration solution!


The good news? Anyone with thinning hair may be a candidate for PRP hair restoration services that are nonsurgical and can help you regain your confidence.


Why hair restoration?

Hair restoration has gained popularity in recent years for several reasons, including:

  • It is a non-surgical approach
  • Provides a natural healing process
  • Minimal side effects
  • Progressive results

And most importantly, a boost in confidence! Hair loss can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem, but with successful hair restoration, individuals can feel better about their appearance and boost their self-confidence.


How does it work?

Here at KLS Aesthetics we accomplish hair restoration through PRP therapy. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is non-invasive and non-surgical. Your blood is drawn, then placed in a centrifuge to obtain the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This process allows us to use your own body’s healing capabilities to thicken and regrow hair. It’s a fairly straightforward treatment that involves withdrawing your blood, removing the PRP growth factors via a centrifuge, and injecting these directly into the scalp to stimulate natural hair growth.


For PRP and hair restoration we work with Juventix®.  We take our partnerships very seriously, and we only seek out the highest-quality vendors for all of our services. For PRP, in particular, Juventix® made sense because they offer FDA-cleared and CE-certified blood collection tubing systems. This allows us to extract a superior sample. Juventix® Regenerative Medical is also the leading provider of platelet rich-plasma and other self-therapy technologies. Our use of the Juventix® provides a high concentration of platelets with a spin time of just eight minutes.


What are the side effects?

One of the biggest benefits of PRP hair restoration therapy is that side effects are few. The most common side effect is soreness and discomfort at the injection site. We are not using chemicals. Instead, we use your own blood and platelets to get results.


How long does PRP hair restoration therapy last?

PRP hair restoration treatments are not permanent, but they are long-lasting. After a series of three to six treatments, you should begin to notice hair growth that continues for up to two years. If you want a longer-lasting set of locks, we recommend touch-ups once per year.


How long does the process take?

We previously mentioned that you would need three to six treatments. Each office visit lasts for about 1 hour, and we ask that you come to your appointment well-hydrated and well-rested. Once your PRP therapy is ready, your provider will apply a numbing cream to the area of hair loss for your comfort. Then, a series of small injections, which might feel like a slight pinch, will take place, and you may feel minor discomfort at the injection site for up to 48 hours. But in about hour weeks, you should be at the beginning of a noticeable hair growth cycle with thick, strong strands starting at the roots.


Who should avoid PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is safe for most healthy people. However, if you have an active cancer, skin disease, infection of the scalp, or blood clotting disorder, you may want to look for alternative hair restoration means. Further, if you routinely take aspirin, naproxen, Motrin, or other NSAIDs, you’ll need to discuss these with your provider. It’s also recommended that you avoid excessive alcohol or smoking, as these can negatively impact your results.


Can I receive other therapies at the same time as PRP?

Yes. In fact, vitamin injections are an excellent addition to your PRP therapy. We recommend Beauty Boost Medley, Glutathione and Tri-Immune Boost injections. However, your provider may have other recommendations, so don’t be afraid to ask what might be right for you.


Great hair gives you confidence, and KLS Aesthetics offers PRP-based hair restoration therapy that can help you regrow your hair safely and naturally with just a few office visits and using your body’s own healing properties.

KLS Aesthetics is now offering FINAPID, a topical hair treatment designed to enhance hair thickness and growth. 


We believe in Trust, Safety, Openness, Comfortability and Education 

We spend countless hours researching, discussing and making informed decisions on the partners, products and services offered here at KLS Aesthetics. In addition to our choice in partnerships, we believe trust and safety come above all else. We ensure that through openness, communication and creating a comfortable environment for our staff and guests, that we will help all people tell their best skin story.


If you are interested in our Hair Restoration services, please click the button below to book your consultation with one of our providers.


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