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KLS Customized Facial with Skin Care Analysis - FAQ

Your journey with KLS Aesthetics starts with your Customized Facial with Skin Care Analysis. Some frequently asked questions are below. Let's get started, book your complimentary Skin Care Analysis today.

Plan for about 90 minutes. The KLS Customized Facial will last 60 minutes and the Skin Care Analysis will take about 20 minutes.

  1. Yes. Our exclusive KLS Customized Facial with Skin Care Analysis includes same day treatment.

This is a common question we get asked. Our Customized Facials range from $75-300. The Skin Care Analysis is offered at no cost. 

It is important that your Skin Care Specialist have a full understanding of your skin before determining what treatments will be the most beneficial for you. No skin is alike. Skin type, lifestyle, background, ethnicity, experience with treatments in the past and future plans such as vacations and events are all extremely important in the decision making process.

During initial skin care consultations, individualized treatment plans will be put together by you and your Skin Care Specialist based on the outcome of your Skin Care Analysis. At this time custom packages are designed based on your skin care goals, time frame and cost effectiveness. Once your treatment plan has been mutually agreed upon, you will then receive your first treatment immediately after your Skin Care Analysis.

Yes this is a free service we offer. With each Skin Care Analysis booking, we do reserve time for you to receive the Customized Facial the same day, should you choose.

After your Skin Care Analysis we offer these services:
Cosmetic Injections

Minimally invasive procedures designed to target wrinkles, volume deficiencies and asymmetry resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Restorative Skin Treatments

A variety of customizable treatments designed to address skin texture, discoloration, scaring, and acne, ultimately restoring the overall health of your skin.

Natural Enhancements
Literally the definition of, ‘I Woke Up Like This’. Procedures that make life much easier and allow you to get up and go while still looking your best.
preventative Aesthetics

A growing trend for youngsters, prevention pushes the pause button on aging. Tackling wrinkles and sun damage in your 20’s and 30’s before they become permanently etched into your skin.

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