Our Values


Our office is an oasis away from the worries of the world. Our physical space invites the patients who step inside to exhale. Every person will find a welcoming environment that balances a prescriptive, approach with the pursuit of beautiful, younger looking skin. At KLS Aesthetics, everyBODY is nurtured.


The key to great aesthetic services is a basis in clinically-sound and compliant practices. Our clients trust us to be experts in our field and to recommend only those services that suit their skin based on goals, age, emotional needs, and budget. They come back because collaborative, custom treatment plans with visible results are the rule.


KLS Aesthetics does not want our clients to leave merely satisfied. We want to exceed their expectations. We believe that the way we deliver services and the quality of our work environment has the power to sustain and fulfill.


KLS Aesthetics accepts and serves all people, no matter their age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or skin type. We also believe that aesthetic services are not the exclusive domain of women. Self-care knows no gender.


All great relationships grow from open, honest communication. KLS is committed to developing long-term relationships with clients and employees that are positive and respectful.


Good decisions about great skin start with information. The professionals of KLS Aesthetics begin with education about each procedure, its benefits and potential side-effects, equipping our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about their skin care.