Now offering Individual IM Vitamin Injections & Injection Cocktails.


IM (intramuscular) Vitamin Injections and Injection Cocktails have a variety of benefits, such as:

  1. Improves Mental Health & cognitive function

  2. Protects against disease

  3. Fights off depression & reduces stress

  4. Increases energy, metabolism & mood

  5. Burns fat

  6. and so much more!


Vitamin Injections are administered intramuscularly into the glutes or back of the arm. Appointments are about 10-15 minutes long.


A full list of our Individual IM Injections and Injection Bundles are below. 

Service NameDescriptionPrice
Individual IM Injections
Alpha Lipoic AcidWith potent antioxidant properties ALA helps with skin aging, heart health, memory & weight loss. It also provides increased energy & metabolism by turning glucose into energy.$ 45.00
Vitamin B-complex- B1/B2/B3/B5/B6Boost mood, energy & metabolic function. Combats stress, anxiety & depression. Helps with anemia while controlling food cravings to aid with weight loss.$ 45.00
Biotin- B7An essential vitamin to boost the health of hair, skin & nails. It also helps the body convert food into energy by metabolizing carbohydrates into energy.$ 35.00
GlutathioneA potent antioxidant which detoxes the liver, boost your immune system and halts diseases. It reduces minor skin imperfections & produces an overall brighter complexion while improving uneven skin tone, cystic acne & breakouts.$ 45.00
Lipotropic MICIncludes three separate lipotropic agents that, when combined with exercise & a healthy diet, can have synergistic benefits to promote fat & weight loss. It also preserves lean muscle tissue & promotes a healthy liver.$ 35.00
Tri Amino- Arginine/Citruline/OrnithineIncreases nitric oxide levels in the body, which may lower blood pressure & increase blood flow throughout. Improves lean body mass, athletic performance & cardiovascular function. It also helps to gain muscle, heal wounds & recover from sports related injury while promoting weight loss.$ 45.00
Vitamin B12- HydroxocobalaminIs an essential vitamin that increases metabolism, boosts energy & mood, relieves stress & helps with anemia. $ 25.00
Vitamin D3- CholecalciferolHelps with weight management & neuropathy. Essential for bone strength & muscle performance while increasing energy & metabolism.$ 35.00
IM Injection Vitamin Bundles
(Getting a cocktail saves $25)
B the BossThiamine B1, Riboflavin B2, Niacin B3, Panthothenic Acid B5, Pyridoxine B6, Biotin B7, Hydroxycobalamin B12:Increases energy, metabolism & mood. Relieves stress and improves cognitive performance. Boosts the health of hair, skin and nails while reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. This must have IM Injectable Cocktail also helps manage blood sugar levels!$ 80.00
Beauty Boost-GlutathioneBiotin & ALA: Reduces minor skin imperfections & produces an overall brighter complexion. Improves uneven skin tone, cystic acne & breakouts. Boosts the health of hair, skin & nails. Contains a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces oxidative stress which causes pre-mature aging. This must have IM injectable cocktail also stimulates energy and metabolism.$ 100.00
Liquid SunshineVitamin D3 and B-Complex. This must have IM Injectable Cocktail is essential for good mental health and protects against disease. Fight off depression & reduce stress while boosting metabolism & energy production. It also supports bone health while optimizing physical performance. Have all the benefits of the sun with out skin damage! Bonus: promotes healthy skin, nails and hair too!$ 55.00
Skinny ShotTri-Amino Acid, Lipo-C, Vitamin D3 & Hydroxocobalamin B12: Increases energy, metabolism & mood. Helps with neuropathy & weight management. Promotes wound healing, recovery from sports related injury & bone strength. Complements diet & exercise.$ 115.00