A person with dry skin may also have sensitive skin. The skin tends to become more sensitive as it loses the protective moisture and fat that keep the skin from drying out. Dry skin may be more likely to appear on areas that have exposure to the elements, such as the hands, face, and arms.


Creamsicle Illuminating HydroJelly Facial Enjoy our luxury European Facial Massage with vanilla, vitamin E and natural oils. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which reverse skin damage caused by UV rays, pollution and blue light. Organic Orange Peel and Glutathione are abundant in our HydroJelly Mask which accelerate the dissipation of melanin and eliminates free radical damage that cause aging and discoloration. This KLS signature facial not only leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated but also smelling lovely. Boost your treatment with Dermaplaning or a Chemical Peel! $135.00
Lay Back and Relax Facial Are you feeling stressed and in need of some time for yourself? This relaxing facial is designed with you in mind. Using luxurious treatments specific to your individual skin care needs. Includes European massage for your face, hands and arms. $115.00
Deep Hydration FacialThis non-invasive facial improves blood circulation, increases product penetration and helps strengthen the skins natural barrier using an ultra sonic technology. Obtain long-lasting hydration with products that seal in moisture for 48 hours. This facial is perfect for those looking for hydration plus relaxation. Includes facial, hand and arm massage.$135
Vampire Polylactic Acid FacialVampires come out of the shadows for our Polylactic Acid Facial. PLLA helps to replenish collagen and provides unparalleled overall skin firming and plumping for that truly immortal look. This blood red treatment infuses the skin with PLLA which has incredible sculpting power for an uplifted, refreshed look resulting in skin that appears youthful and wide awake. Includes a hand and arm massage and facial massage $115
2. Signature Algae Jelly Facial. A stimulating and detoxifying facial that purifies and hydrates winter skin. Rich in Ayurvedic, ancient Chinese herbs and marine extracts that help to cleanse, soothe and revitalize for a refreshed, youthful glow. Includes facial, hand and arm massage.
Pineapple CBD Hydrojelly FacialPineapple meets CBD in this mentally uplifting facial. Starting with a pineapple enzyme scrub that nourishes and cleanses the skin without drying it out. Melt the afternoon away with European facial massage using CBD oil then finishing with a THC free HydroJelly Mask. CBD is a nearly perfect skin care extract that is suitable for all skin types. Using certified organic ingredients, this facial will have you coming back all summer long. Includes facial, hand and arm massage. $135.00
Egyptian Rose HydroJellyThis award winning facial returns skin firmness and suppleness while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, blemishes and discoloration. We use the world renowned Egyptian Rose HydroJelly mask which works to moisturize, brighten and protect skin from airborne pollutants resulting in a subtle youthful glow. Anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of rose can help ease flareups and redness associated with many skin conditions. Includes facial, hand and arm massage. $135.00
Cleopatra's Youthful Elixir Facial.Supercharge your skincare with two luxurious ingredients: Truffles & 24K GOLD. Truffles are rich in essential fatty acids and B vitamins to give the skin a long-lasting radiant glow. This “super enzyme” helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and repair damaged skin. Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness and protect against free radicals that lead to sun damage. Cleopatra used gold masks to enhance her complexion and keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful. Includes facial, hand and arm massage. $135.00
Soothing Sun Kissed FacialA cooling gel mask comprised of cucumber, chamomile and aloe vera is infused into the skin with a cooling wand which makes this facial a must have for those with sun burned skin. The natural synergy of herbal extracts provide an anti-irritant effect that helps to reduce the appearance of redness associated with environmental pollutants. CBD oil is used with our European Facial Massage to address inflammation associated with sun kissed skin. BOOST your treatment with a HydroJelly Mask, Hand and Arm Massage or Caviar Serum. $125.00

package pricing is available for all services