look good. feel good. do good

You have beautiful skin!

Why do we feel so good when others compliment our skin? 

Those words hold magic because our skin is an exterior reflection of our interior selves. Our skin is the canvas for our emotions. It glows with health or can dim with age. It responds to our smiles. It absorbs our tears. Skin proclaims our heritage. And it bears the marks of our unique experiences. 

As a Skincare Clinic, we understand that a person’s skin tells a story. 

KLS Aesthetics is here to help all people tell their best one.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Look. At KLS Aesthetics, we value your right to see your appearance as more than vanity.

Feel.  We believe that our prescriptive approach to skin care is an essential part of personal health and feeling good about ourselves.

Do.  We know that those who look and feel their best are ready to meet the world on their own terms and do good for it. 


We are KLS Aesthetics and we are in the business of confidence.

Look Good.
We are interested in achieving the client’s desired results – their aesthetic. An aesthetic is an artistic sensibility that elevates the subject to its highest state of being. The word implies more than beauty. Spoken aloud, it sounds as smooth as young, healthy skin feels, gliding off the tongue and inviting all the senses. KLS pursues the aesthetic ideal of every client, drawing it to the surface through the transformative powers of Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures and Medical Grade Skincare.


We know that our client’s best aesthetic can only be achieved by the best in our industry. We also know that not all skin spas are created equal. KLS Aesthetics asserts that there is a right way to provide aesthetic services, and we comply with all state requirements to assure the safety of our patients and provide the best experience possible.


Anything less would be a disservice to our patients and to our industry.


Feel Good. 
Helping our patients feel good about their choices is our priority. We actively pursue the latest education and the most innovative treatments so they may look their best. Services are provided through the overseeing of the Medical Director and our PA-C, Master Estheticians and Estheticians who exhibit the highest standards of service. They customize safe, confidential, medically-based treatment plans for each client using a proven method of assessment.

We recognize that not every skin type will have the same tolerance for treatment. The amount of melanin in your skin will dictate the treatment and services that are needed. Qualified professionals will ask specific questions to help you feel safe and comfortable with the unique understanding of your specific skin color and needs. Only qualified medical professionals perform procedures in our Skincare Clinic that require medical training and oversight to be completed safely, correctly and in compliance with the law.


KLS Aesthetics only uses products and methods that we would use on ourselves. We offer individualized treatment with a prescriptive approach to skincare allows us to assess the seven zones of a client’s skin and then treat each zone by custom formulations and concentrated additives to maximize results. KLS Aesthetics offers everything from cosmetic injections to non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Do Good.
It is our founding principle that people are always more important than transactions. The work we do is very personal, and it is conducted in close quarters. KLS Aesthetics provides a comfortable, inclusive experience where every client is accepted, and treated with sensitivity and respect. We will never recommend services that are not beneficial just to make a sale or pressure our patients into accepting a treatment plan that does not suit their goals.

Our Skincare Clinic is a judgement-free zone. We honor and care for our patients who represent all ages, races, genders, professions, and who might otherwise feel judged for seeking aesthetic care. We build trust by considering the client’s goals, budget, and in-home skin care needs, educating as we go. The preventive goals of patients in their 20s and 30s may be different than the restorative goals of a client in their 70s, but they are equally important to us. We are a partner on each journey. Every client will leave our Skincare Clinic with the confidence that they look great and that they have received a quality experience.

KLS Aesthetics provides individualized treatment with a prescriptive approach to skin care. Book your consultation appointment today.