Dissolve and Fill

Hit the refresh button on your lips!

At Kindness, Love and Skin, we offer the service of dissolving previous filler if you are unhappy with the results, feel you have had too much filler placed in an area, or just want to start fresh.

Often clients book a lip filler appointment wanting to add additional filler to their lips as they feel they would like their lips to be a bit fuller. At KLS, we hold our treatments to an incredibly high standard. Practitioners may advise that dissolving fillers prior to filling is the best way to achieve your desired result. This is often necessary when a client is looking to achieve more volume but due to having lips filled for many years or too much filler at one time, may have some filler that has migrated above or inside the lip. Adding additional filler at that point would end in a negative result.

How is filler dissolved?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers can be dissolved with a product called Hylenex (Hyaluronidase). This is an injectable enzyme that can take up to two weeks for the process to be completed. It functions by breaking down the bonds of HA, speeding up the body’s natural process. The HA filler will begin to soften and break down almost instantly. You may require, multiple dissolving sessions depending on your providers recommendations.

Lip fillers are the most dissolved cosmetic procedure in the industry.

How do I know if my filler needs to be dissolved?

If you have lost that crisp border, have shiny tight filler you can see on the inner “wet” lip or look swollen above the lip, you most likely will need to dissolve and “refill”.  Many clients aren’t excited about this plan, but trust in your provider as they know the plan that will get you the best results.

How are our providers achieving this?

This process can be done anywhere HA filler has been placed. Hylenex will not dissolve non HA fillers.  Many of our clients will request to have filler dissolved from other clinics. Areas that are most common are the lips and tear troughs.

If you choose to have your filler dissolved, your provider will first take photos. They will then sanitize your skin and apply numbing cream to the area. Depending on the area and amount needed to dissolve, will determine how many vials of Hylenex you will need.

What should I expect after Hylanex is injected?

You may have bruising, swelling which should resolve within a week. The dissolver (Hylanex) will start dissolving the filler and actually works quite quickly over the following 24-48 hours.  It is recommended not to add filler to this area for at least 2 weeks.  Your provider will have you schedule another appointment in 2 weeks to reassess whether you need further dissolving or not.

Who’s filler can be dissolved and refilled?

This treatment is safe for anyone over 18 years of age with no history of an allergy to bee/wasp stings or hyaluronidase. Your provider will review your medical history, medications and allergies.

When is it not safe for my filler to be dissolved?

Sometimes if you have a history of keloid scarring, severe autoimmune disease, current cancer or are on blood thinners you may not be able to receive this service. Do not use Hylenex if you have an allergy to bee/wasp stings or hyaluronidase.

To learn more about Hylenex (hyaluronidase)


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