Our Fave Facials For A Fabulous Summer in 2024

It’s summer, and that means it’s time to step into the sunshine. At KLS Aesthetics, we offer a vivacious variety of facials that give your skin just what it needs to be bright

and beautiful just in time for pool season. Here are our top picks for summer.




Nothing is cooler than a glacier, and our Blue Glacier Cryo HydroJelly clay facial is perfect for combating the heat of summer. This cooling mask calms inflammation and features more than 60 minerals to deeply nourish winter- worn skin. It’s a naturally exfoliating gel that delivers a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid and collagen for optimal skin health at the cellular level. This is the facial if you’re ready to revitalize and repair.



Glutathione HydroJelly mask, infused with electrolytes, effectively brightens skin enhancing complexion and reducing the visibility of age spots. Alpha-arbutin, a natural skin-lightening ingredient, compliments the effects of Glutathione proven to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and enhance skin tone. Niacinamide, Alpha-arbutin and Glutathione are synergistically combined to enhance overall radiance and skin health. Enjoy relaxing European facial, hand and arm massage increasing blood flow and oxygen to the skin. Boost your treatment with Dermaplaning or a Chemical Peel!



This non-invasive facial improves blood circulation, increases product penetration and helps strengthen the skins natural barrier using an ultra sonic technology. Obtain long-lasting hydration with products that seal in moisture for 48 hours. This facial is perfect for those looking for hydration plus relaxation. Includes facial, hand and arm massage.



Few things are as tempting as apple and papaya, and this masterful mingling is sweet to your face with hydration and exfoliation. Featuring lactic and ferulic acids, our Apple Papaya Soufflé mask volumizes with peptides and tones and firms using plant-based stem cells. When your face is feeling drab and dehydrated, the Apple Papaya Soufflé facial is your go-to treatment.



While you’re here, ask about vitamin injections for energy, metabolism, stress reduction, and more. We offer more than a dozen intriguing injections, including Liquid Sunshine, which gives you all of the benefits of vitamin D with none of the skin damage, and our biotin and B7 shot that helps protect your hair, skin, and nails.


This is your summer, and a facial from KLS Aesthetics can help you shine bright all season long. There’s never a bad time to engage in self-care, and our skin care specialists are ready to help you face off with some.


Are you ready for your best summer skin yet? Contact KLS Aesthetics today to schedule your facial, and top off your appointment with the vitamin injection that helps you settle in the summer with a smile.


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