Hylenex: Everything You Need to Know

Hylenex serves as a versatile and effective solution for correcting and reversing the undesirable effects of HA fillers. Hyaluronidase, commonly known by the brand name Hylenex, is a crucial enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid (HA). Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and using Hylenex for various cosmetic needs.


What is Hylenex?

Hyaluronidase, the generic name for Hylenex, is used to remove hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, particularly in the skin and joints. HA is a key component of many dermal fillers worldwide. Hylenex acts as an “antidote” to HA, making it a valuable tool for correcting filler complications and unsatisfactory results.


Why is Hylenex Used?

Clients often seek Hylenex to dissolve filler they are unhappy with or to address complications such as filler entering a blood vessel or the formation of a small nodule. Hylenex is a safe and effective option in these scenarios, offering a way to reverse unwanted effects.


The Treatment Process

At KLS Aesthetics, our expert injectors administer Hylenex with precision and care. The treatment typically takes less than 40 minutes and begins with the provider assessing the area requiring injections. After sanitizing and numbing the area, small, precise injections of Hylenex are made into the targeted areas. The HA filler can dissolve within minutes to hours after the procedure.


Important Considerations

    • Hylenex should only be administered by a licensed medical provider with expertise in injection techniques.
    • Before receiving any injection at KLS, avoid alcohol and medications that may increase bleeding or bruising.
    • After the procedure, you may experience tenderness, swelling, and bruising for a few days. Tylenol can help manage discomfort, and heat or ice should be avoided.
    • If you require replacement filler, it can be performed as early as a week after the Hylenex treatment, though waiting two weeks is recommended.
    • The amount of Hylenex needed depends on the amount of filler to be dissolved and how your body metabolizes the injection. Some clients may need 1-3 vials during their first treatment, with additional treatments as needed.

    Hylenex is a versatile and effective tool for correcting and reversing unwanted effects of HA fillers. With proper administration by skilled professionals, Hylenex can help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire. If you have allergies to bee or wasp stings, be sure to discuss this with your provider before treatment. Schedule a consultation at KLS Aesthetics to learn more about how Hylenex can benefit you.


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