RHA Experience

Celebrate Spring and your Delicate & Dynamic Skin – with RHA filler

Join us and experience the delicate and dynamic filler – RHA.

Filler can be used in several areas including:

We’ve dedicated this day to bring you exclusive offerings ONLY offered during this experience. Details below.

When: Friday, May 5th

What: Schedule your appointment for Friday, May 5th to take advantage of these offers.

What to expect: This experience provides our Cosmetic Injectionists and you a unique chance to receive RHA filler for $150 off as well as these exclusive offers:

NOTE: Appointments are required. Pre-pay on or before May 5th to take advantage of the $150 off RHA Filler Special only. Additional offerings and promotions on this date will not be available to those who do not attend the May 5th experience.


Questions? Texting is the quickest way to reach our team: 425-988-0528