Christina Aguilera Is Our Hero And Our Favorite Beauty Icon

Music icon Christina Aguilera needs no introduction. But the now 42-year-old “Genie In A Bottle”  singer is more than just a set of lungs that we all wish we had. Christina Aguilera has also been listed as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World (2013). And now, she’s become the face Xeomin®, available here at KLS Aesthetics.


If you haven’t seen Christina Aguilera’s commercial for Xeomin®, it’s worth a quick view and showcases the toxin’s effects and discusses its purity. The results are easy to see – there’s not a wrinkle in sight – but it got all of us in the shop reminiscing about hearing this Latina diva on the air for the first time. Even our Founder and CEO Katrina, looks back fondly on her days of bumping Christina Aguilera in her first car; a lime green 2 door Geo Metro hatchback with 2 ten-inch subs in the back.


For those of you not familiar with “The Voice Of A Generation,” a nickname so aptly given to Aguilera by designer Jean Paul Gauthier, we’ve collected a few fun facts that are worth a quick read.


Christina Aguilera Is A Force In The Body Positive Movement

 Although Christina obviously believes in putting her best self forward, she’s been known to struggle with her weight. The music video for her 2002 hit song “Beautiful” has even been recently updated to reflect how the media can negatively impact young people’s self-image.


She’s been in the public eye since before she was old enough to drink.

 Christina Aguilera had already made waves in the pop music industry before her 20th birthday. The Star Search alumni was even a Mouseketeer by the time she was six. But it was her record deal with RCA that immediately thrust her into the spotlight, and she often says she felt insecure being “super skinny.” Christina Aguilera is proud of her curves and often encourages others to appreciate themselves and quit comparing their beauty with that of other people.


She believes in natural beauty.

 Christina Aguilera is no doubt a natural beauty. This comes from avoiding the sun, prioritizing skincare, and finding ways to feel like the best version of herself. She believes in embracing age, but she’s also pragmatic about the fact that her appearance is always under scrutiny, given that she’s had cameras on her almost constantly for the last 35+ years. Aguilera says of her partnership with Xeomin® that having a product that helps her maintain her facial expressions is important in her line of work. She also calls aging “a personal conversation” and encourages women to embrace age in whatever ways make sense to them.


She is a survivor of domestic violence.

 As if the singer wasn’t enough of a role model, Christina Aguilera has been outspoken in the fight against domestic violence. A survivor herself, Christina Aguilera recalls often escaping from dangerous situations in the middle of the night with her mom and sister with nothing but what they had to wear as their only possessions. 


She has her own fashion line.

 Christina Aguilera is also a self-proclaimed fashionista with her own fashion line, XtinaStyles. A quick look at her product line shows that, while flamboyant on stage, Aguilera obviously values comfort. The vast majority of clothing on her site are hoodies, T-shirts, and shorts.


Christina Aguilera partnered with Xeomin® because she values simplicity.

 Of her new partnership with Xeomin®, Christina Aguilera says that she chose to represent the brand because she likes to be knowledgeable about what she puts into her body, and she values her time. She recently told InStyle that she also chose Xeomin® because she believes that faces should always be able to express emotions.


So ultimately, Christina Aguilera is not only The Voice Of A Generation but also the face of our generation. As we get older, we want to look our best without putting harmful chemicals into our bodies or looking fake or rigid. Xeomin® helps us and our customers do just that. It’s a product we trust and are excited to bring to the Renton area.


Are you ready for a more natural cosmetic injection that will last throughout the summer? Contact KLS Aesthetics today and ask if Xeomin® is right for you.


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